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Malta Brexit Solutions

Are you a UK business with clients in the EU? Are you looking for an EU friendly option post-Brexit? Are you looking to move your residency to an EU member state?

With the correct guidance, we can assist you with any of your BREXIT needs in the most efficient manner.

The multi-disciplinary team at E&S Group is able to assist you in the following areas:

  • Setting up an EU company to trade within the EU

  • Moving your residence within the EU

  • Tax advice

  • All ancillary services that complement the above

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Further to the Referendum held in the UK, resulting in the UK leaving the EU, the situation has put into question the status of British citizens as well as non-British UK residents, and that of their UK companies, and their interaction with and access to the European single market. Services include:

  • Malta Company Formation
  • Tax Advisory
  • Residence

Malta, as an English-speaking country, former British colony and EU member State, has always maintained a very strong economic relationship with the UK. Several bilateral agreements have been signed between the two countries to mitigate any negative effects of Brexit with the aim of protecting individuals and businesses.

Further to a special agreement between Malta and the UK, British citizens that currently reside in Malta shall be allowed to register and acquire a new residence document, which should be valid for up to 10 years. The Reciprocal Health Agreement between Malta and the UK also allows for the reciprocal coverage of healthcare for ordinary residents, and the Malta-UK Health and Social Security treaties allow for reciprocal benefits when it comes to social security, health benefits, mutual support and cooperation. Further agreements have been entered into that allow British residents in Malta to vote in local council elections.

Malta could be a genuinely viable alternative for British persons and businesses, wishing to have access to the EU Single Market and the EU Directives. Malta is an EU member State with a favourable tax system, a high GDP growth, and robust financial services, iGaming, maritime and aviation sectors amongst others and all within a safe local environment with a warm Mediterranean climate which could therefore make Malta a potentially interesting gateway to Europe.

E&S Group is a boutique, multi-disciplinary corporate advisory practice headquartered in Malta and that provides legal, corporate, advisory, tax, and domiciliation services to an international client base. Our team is available to assist, advise and deliver on any aspects of your operations or personal situation.

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