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Thinking of setting up a company in Malta? Malta is a very tax-efficient jurisdiction where to set up roots. Maltese companies can benefit from very low effective tax rates. Here at E&S Group, we can guide you in setting up a Malta limited liability company in a manner that allows for the best possible tax efficiency.

The setting up of a Malta company is usually a straightforward process. We will ask you to complete our proposal form and subsequently, our legal team will draft the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the company. We will then send you the Maltese company documents for approval. Following your sign-off, your Maltese company is ready to be set up.

The incorporation of a Maltese company is the easy part. This is where E&S adds value to your process.

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E&S Group assists clients through the whole process of setting up a company in Malta, including:

  • Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company;
  • Registration of the Malta company with the Malta Business Register;
  • Registration for tax and VAT purposes with the respective authorities;

Full range of corporate services including:

  • registered address;
  • operational office facilities;
  • appointment of local company secretary;
  • sourcing of local directors;
  • ongoing compliance with the Malta Business Register;
  • proposing various bank account solutions (whether in Malta or EU wide);
  • assistance with the day-to-day administration of the Malta company.

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The Ultimate Guide to Company Incorporation in Malta: Key Facts You Need to Know


Are you considering setting up a company in Malta? Well, you’re in the right place. Malta is increasingly becoming a hub for business thanks to its strategic location, robust regulatory environment, and enticing tax benefits. This guide will break down the key facts you need to know about company incorporation in Malta, making your decision-making process easier and well-informed.

Why Malta?

Malta offers a host of advantages for entrepreneurs and businesses, including:

  • EU Membership: Benefit from free trade and mobility within the European Union.
  • Effective Tax Rates: With potential refunds, the effective tax rate can be as low as 5%.
  • Skilled Workforce: Malta boasts a highly-educated, multilingual workforce.
  • Quality of Life: Malta’s Mediterranean lifestyle and rich history make it an attractive location for expats.

Legal Framework for Company Incorporation in Malta

Type of Company

The most popular business structure in Malta is the Private Limited Liability Company (Ltd), governed by the Companies Act of 1995.

Regulatory Body

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) is the main regulatory body for financial activities, ensuring compliance with local and international laws.

Documentation Requirements

To incorporate, you’ll need to prepare a Memorandum and Articles of Association, outlining your company’s intended activities and internal rules. These documents are crucial and should be prepared meticulously.

Key Requirements for Incorporation

Name and Address

  • Company Name: Choose a unique name and get it approved by the MFSA.
  • Registered Office: Your company must maintain a physical address in Malta.

Director and Secretary

  • At least one director and one company secretary are required. The director can be a legal entity, while the secretary must be a natural person.

Share Capital and Shareholders

  • Minimum Share Capital: €1,165 is the minimum share capital, with 20% to be paid upon incorporation.
  • Shareholders: You’ll need at least one shareholder, who can be either a natural or legal person.


  • Corporate Tax: The standard corporate tax rate stands at 35%, but effective rates can be much lower due to various refunds.
  • VAT: If your turnover exceeds €20,000, you’ll need to register for VAT.

Additional Requirements

  • Beneficial Ownership: You’ll need to disclose beneficial owners.
  • Annual Returns: File audited accounts and an annual return with the Registrar of Companies.


Company incorporation in Malta offers numerous benefits, from attractive tax rates to a skilled workforce. Before taking the plunge, it’s essential to understand the legal requirements and prepare accordingly. With this guide, you’re now one step closer to making an informed decision about setting up your business in Malta.

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Top Benefits of Incorporating a Company in Malta: Your Essential Guide

Incorporating a business in Malta comes with an array of compelling benefits that cater to both local and international entrepreneurs. Here’s a succinct overview of the key perks of Malta company incorporation:

Tax-Exempt Holdings

Companies registered in Malta can enjoy tax exemptions on their holdings, provided they meet specific criteria. This feature is particularly beneficial for holding companies looking to optimize their tax liability.

Highly Competitive Tax Rate

Businesses operating in Malta can benefit from an impressively low effective tax rate, which can be as little as 5% on trading profits. This is one of the most competitive corporate tax rates within the European Union, making Malta an attractive jurisdiction for global businesses.

Zero Withholding Taxes and Stamp Duties

Malta doesn’t impose withholding taxes, stamp duties, or any other financial barriers when it comes to profit distributions to shareholders who are non-residents. This ensures ease of capital flow and can significantly enhance the financial flexibility of the company.

EU Membership Advantages

As a member of the European Union, Malta offers companies full access to EU markets along with all the associated benefits and protections. This provides a secure and advantageous regulatory framework for businesses.

Ease of International Business Expansion

Companies incorporated in Malta can easily scale their operations globally with just a few adjustments. The regulatory setup of Malta is conducive to international business activities, making global expansion more straightforward.

English as a Language Advantage

The official use of English in Malta greatly simplifies business communication and transactions. Being an English-speaking country eradicates language barriers, which is particularly beneficial for international businesses.

Malta Residency Regardless of Location

Companies registered in Malta are deemed residents of the country even if their operational activities or ownership are located outside Malta. This provision offers tremendous flexibility for businesses to operate internationally while still reaping the benefits of Malta’s favorable business environment.

No Requirement for Maltese Nationals or Residents

Incorporating a company in Malta does not necessitate Maltese nationals or residents to be part of the ownership structure. This inclusive policy opens up opportunities for a wide range of global entrepreneurs and investors.

Flexibility in Banking Options

Malta-based companies have the freedom to hold their financial assets in banks situated outside of Malta. This flexibility allows companies to choose banking partners that align best with their financial strategy.

By offering these diverse and advantageous features, Malta positions itself as an excellent choice for entrepreneurs looking to incorporate a company that is both tax-efficient and flexible in its operational scope.

How to Set Up a Company in Malta: A Streamlined Guide for Efficient Incorporation

Establishing a company in Malta is a straightforward and cost-effective process, making it an attractive option for both large corporations focused on tax planning and small to medium-sized businesses. Here’s your essential guide to setting up a company in Malta:

Affordability of Company Formation

One of the major advantages of incorporating a business in Malta is the affordability factor. The company formation costs in Malta are relatively low, making it a cost-effective jurisdiction for businesses of all sizes. This makes Malta a go-to destination for entrepreneurs looking for cost-efficiency in their incorporation process.

Simplified and Efficient Process

Malta aims to be a business-friendly jurisdiction and has, therefore, streamlined its company incorporation procedures to be among the most efficient in the European Union. The straightforward process is designed to attract a diverse range of businesses to the country, simplifying the often complex procedures seen in other jurisdictions.

Step-by-Step Malta Company Incorporation Procedure

  1. Due Diligence Exercise: The first step in incorporating a company in Malta is a standard due diligence exercise. After completing this, you’ll receive an Incorporation Proposal Form that asks for all the pertinent information regarding the company you intend to establish.
  2. Drafting of Incorporation Documents: Once the Incorporation Proposal Form is received and reviewed, incorporation documents are drafted, typically on the same day. These documents contain all the essential corporate details and are sent to you for your approval.
  3. Approval and Final Incorporation: After receiving your approval on the drafted incorporation documents, the final step is to officially incorporate the company in Malta. The process is quick and usually completed promptly upon receiving your go-ahead.

By adhering to this streamlined process, entrepreneurs and businesses can efficiently set up a Malta-based company, benefitting from the country’s advantageous tax regime and business-friendly environment.

Once your Maltese Company is setup, we could assist you in all other services you might want for your Company in Malta:

Malta Company Taxation

Malta is, above all, a tax efficient jurisdiction for holding and trading companies. Furthermore, the UBOs of Trading Companies in Malta can enjoy effective tax rates of as little as 5%. Those of Maltese Holding Companies may also achieve tax neutrality.

Most Popular Tax-Efficient Company Formation in Malta

Private Malta Company Incorporation

A private limited Malta company is the most popular type of partnership. The limited liability Maltese company is, in fact, the only type of company allowed by the Companies Act. As its name indicates, companies in Malta have a separate legal personality. This limits shareholder liability to the amount of unpaid share capital. With the correct guidance, a limited liability company can be set up in a manner that allows for optimum tax efficiency.


At E&S, we provide specialist Malta Company Formation services to corporate or individuals planning to register a company in Malta. We are thus able to offer quick and cost-effective company formation solutions in Malta.

Choosing someone to set up and manage your company in Malta is not an easy task. You need a knowledgeable team but also someone you can trust. We would like to think we offer both. Whilst most other firms are either made up of accountants or lawyers, we are strong in both fields. This gives you comfort that we will manage all aspects of your Malta Company Setup and maintenance.  This is what we do.

Our specialty is the setting up and assisting clients to maintain their Malta Company. Also, size does matter. We are the right size to be able to have all specialisations required yet not make you just another number. You will have immediate access to high-level staff.

To summarise, why Choose E&S Group as Your Partner?

  1. Expert Guidance: Our experienced team specializes in assisting businesses in establishing a presence in Malta. We understand the local regulatory landscape and can provide tailored advice.
  2. Comprehensive Services: From company registration to legal compliance, we offer end-to-end solutions that streamline the setup process.
  3. Efficiency and Reliability: We prioritize efficiency, ensuring that your company is established in a timely manner without unnecessary delays.
  4. Personalized Approach: We believe in a client-centric approach, adapting our services to your specific business needs and objectives.


Steps to Establish Your Company in Malta:

  1. Choose Your Business Structure: Select the appropriate legal structure for your company, such as a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Public Limited Company (PLC), or a Branch Office.
  2. Select a Company Name: Choose a unique and suitable name for your company, adhering to Malta’s naming conventions and regulations.
  3. Appoint Directors and Shareholders: Identify individuals who will serve as directors and shareholders of the company. These roles can be held by both residents and non-residents.
  4. Registered Office and Agent: Secure a registered office address in Malta and appoint a registered agent to fulfill legal requirements.
  5. Draft Company Memorandum and Articles: Prepare the company’s Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association, outlining its purpose, structure, and rules.
  6. Submit Documentation: Compile and submit the necessary documentation to Malta’s Registry of Companies, including company statutes and details of directors and shareholders.
  7. Acquire Necessary Licenses: Depending on your business activities, certain licenses or permits may be required. Our experts can guide you through the application process.
  8. Tax Registration: Register your company for taxation purposes and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN).


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"E&S assisted us with various transactions related to the expansion of our client's global structure. They have provided reliable tax advice; their expertise and efforts have been commendable. We would recommend E&S as an effective service provider."

Mitchell B. Kops & Jill Kelly - Withers Bergman January 26, 2017

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"According to our experience, E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy your business needs with reference to Maltase law. Their work is well organized and carried out in a precise and timely manner. I look forward to continuing my cooperation with E&S Consultancy."

Giorgio Crotta & Marco Compagnino - FIDINAM & Partners January 26, 2017

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"I always feel at ease when E&S’s legal team answers our Human Resource questions from the perspective of the company. They are not only very responsive to any questions, but also extremely patient. E&S are aware of the requirements of our organisation and, if they foresees any issues, advises us accordingly. I wholeheartedly recommend E&S Group to my other co-workers with particular reference to Dr Anthea and Dr Jade who are very reliable to handle inquiries."

Kathleen Dilley - Royce Technology June 14, 2023

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