ITAs Certification

The Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act (ITAS Act) provides for the possibility of a voluntary certification of Innovative Technology Arrangements (ITAs). ITAs would include software used to design or deliver DLT, smart contracts and DAOs. This covers inter alia any ITA supporting an Initial VFA Offering, providers of VFA Services and similar arrangements. The certificate is issued by the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) and is valid for a period of 2 years, which is renewable.

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Where an applicant is not habitually resident in Malta, it is required to appoint a Resident Agent.

Our team at E&S Group is able to assist applicants with the provision of the below services:

  • Resident Agent;
  • Completion and submission of ITAs application forms;
  • Incorporation of a Malta Company and assistance with related corporate matters;
  • Assistance with ensuring compliance with Malta law such as with regards to AML consumer law, GDPR and employment law;
  • Assistance with the completion of the Financial Instrument Test and any other obligatory requirements under the VFA Regulatory Framework;
  • Accounting and financial reporting;
  • Patent and Trademark registration;
  • Establishing the necessary presence in Malta;
  • Referral to a network of relevant service providers.


"According to our experience, E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy your business needs with reference to Maltase law. Their work is well organized and carried out in a precise and timely manner. I look forward to continuing my cooperation with E&S Consultancy."

Giorgio Crotta & Marco Compagnino - FIDINAM & Partners

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