The Legalization of Medical Cannabis

Malta legalized the cultivation, importation, processing and production of cannabis for medicinal and research purposes in 2018. At E&S Group we believe that this will bring new opportunities for businesses. This applies mostly to those interested in the production of medical cannabis within the regulatory framework of a reputable EU jurisdiction.

Malta is attractive since it has a growing economy driven by innovation and R&D. In addition it offers an availability of designated areas for production and other foreign direct investments initiatives. Moreover, the country offers reduced labour costs and favourable individual tax rates. Coupled with the available logistics used in international trade and tax efficiency, this makes Malta an attractive jurisdiction for your medical cannabis business.

Malta’s tax laws provide for a number of benefits through an extensive range of double tax treaties. Additionally, there are refund mechanisms and other domestic tax legislation which are advantageous to businesses. Medical cannabis businesses (whether local or international) are typically granted a letter of intent by the Malta Enterprise. This is a preliminary approval to carry out their activities. Such businesses would then be subject to the necessary licence requirements and good manufacturing practices accepted and issued by the Medicines Authority in Malta.

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