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As part of our Corporate Responsibility Initiatives at E&S Group, we are pleased to be joining Pink October campaign and help continue raising awareness of this great cause.

The Pink October campaign helps raise funds and awareness on breast cancer prevention, research and equipment to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. The campaign brings together the Marigold Foundation along with numerous NGOs, media houses and commercial entities all with the aim of raising awareness towards this cause. Jacob, from E&S Group, expressed his satisfaction towards this cause and stated that “seeing so many organisations and private entities join forces to raise awareness is something that must be appreciated and applauded. Together, we can be a voice of change for whatever the cause may be.”

As part of our small contribution towards Pink October, we shall be changing our logo colour to pink for the entire month of October as part of this awareness campaign.

Awareness is of paramount importance – prevention and early detection can help in saving a life. We encourage you all to donate and share this message to continue raising awareness.

Donna, one of our team members, rightly stated that “Pink October helps raise awareness so as not to be prisoners of fear and that ultimately there is always hope.” We therefore encourage you to face your fear and go for a screening!

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