November welcomed two new acts which came into force in Malta seeking to regulate the DLT, cryptocurrency and ICO markets. The country has positioned itself as a leading innovator in the regulatory treatment of such industries, with blockchain technology at the forefront of its agenda.

Over the last year, a collaborative and consolidated effort has been underway to develop and then enact the new legal framework that comprises of the Virtual Financial Assets Act, the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, and the Innovating Technology Arrangements and Services Act. The first of its kind, not just in Malta but globally, it will hopefully not only cement Malta’s position as a jurisdiction of choice for those looking to operate in these spheres, basing their own legal frameworks on these three acts.

A step forward

This is an important step forward in the global industry and is sure to bring technologists and innovators to the country in order for them to escape from the regulatory grey-area that exists in the crypto ecosystem. Based on sound legal and regulatory principles, the acts are set to promote legal certainty, drive consumer adoption, and instil confidence in the market.

In order for the industry to truly succeed, legal certainty needs to be attained in respect of what the applicable fundamental legal tenets of governance, ownership, and liability are – something that is being hotly debated in other jurisdictions.

Comprehensive legislation

The DLT and blockchain framework takes steps to combine business, legal, and technological aspects together through a range of regulatory tools including VFA Agents, System Auditors and Subject Matter Experts. There are also measures in place that relate to whitepapers, smart contracts, cybersecurity, and blueprints.

With the march of innovation and technology seeming totally unstoppable, Malta’s willingness to embrace and regulate them has put the country in pole-position on the global stage. By enacting these flexible but stringent rules, the sector will grow and develop whilst retaining its integrity. Furthermore, Malta’s reputation as a jurisdiction of choice for blockchain and crypto-related businesses will go from strength to strength.

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