Malta’s Artificial Intelligence Policy Document Issued for Public Consultation

Silvio Schembri, Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services and the Digital Economy announced the first details about  Malta’s Artificial Intelligence Policy this week and emphasised that the intention of the government is to create an environment where national and foreign enterprises would develop and scale AI. The main aim is to turn Malta into an AI world’s hub.

The AI Taskforce identified three strategic pillars with particular objectives: Investment, Start-ups and Innovation; Public Sector Adoption and Private Sector Adoption – and three enabling sectors, Education and Workforce, a Legal and Ethical Framework, and Ecosystem Infrastructure in which they would be implemented.

The development of the Investment, Start-ups and Innovation segment will contribute to the national economy by bringing investments to the island, attracting more businesses to set up their operations in Malta and supporting new innovations.

The main aim of the Public Sector Adoption sector is to showcase the best case of AI adoption with the purpose to improve services to citizens/businesses and to raise the standard of living. The authority proposes to create an AI-powered government and to “implement the best use cases for public sector applications while considering operational, economic, financial, legal and regulatory aspects”, Mr Schembri explained.  

The goal of the Private Sector Adoption is to encourage local businesses to use AI and build trust in the technology in terms of transparency and responsibility.

The Malta’s Artificial Intelligence Policy document will be open for public consultation until April 22. Further info can be found via link – https://malta.ai/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Towards-an-AI-Strategy.pdf

If you would like to find out more about the AI development strategy in Malta, get in touch via info@ellulschranz.com or +356 2010 3020. 

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