Forbes, one of the most well-known names in international business media, has announced a collaboration with a blockchain-based platform ‘Civil” to publish its content over a decentralised network.

Matt Coolidge, co-founder of Civil has announced that Forbes will cooperate with Civil by integrating the formers software into its own content management system. As of the beginning of 2019, journalists will have the ability to upload their data to the Civil network, and the Forbes website at the same time.

Forbes was originally founded in 1917 and has a global reach of more than 120 million people through its local and international editions.

The new process will initially only apply to cryptocurrency related news items, but if Forbes believes the project is a success, it will post other types of news on the blockchain also. The media outlet is also looking to extend its decentralised solutions throughout its vast contributors’ network, increasing the adoption and reach of the platform. By using smart contracts, Forbes contributors will be able to upload their articles to the Forbes CMS and then share across other platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium.

Coolidge stated that they are also planning to “experiment with new methods of reader engagement” as well as hoping that the use of a decentralised platform will help authors by ensuring that no one can remove or alter their content.

Civil has previously collaborated with Associated Press and the media agency is planning to use blockchain for IP rights, tracking content usage and supporting ethical journalism. AP will also store much of its content on the platform so that other news agencies are able to access reports in real time.

A company called Adblock Plus developer, eyes GmbH has already launched a blockchain-based web extension known as ‘Trusted News’ that has the ability to detect fake news and flag sites accordingly. The platform will be moved to the Ethereum blockchain and will issue MetaCert tokens that will track rewards and prevent manipulation of the platform.

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