A new online advertising platform is allowing both businesses and individuals to pay for their campaigns by cryptocurrency. They also give publishers an innovative way of monetizing their content through websites and blogs.

The founders of AdCoin all have experience as entrepreneurs and say that they were inspired to create AdCoinClick due to the time and money wasting frustrations that they encountered when trying to manage marketing budgets.

Not only can making credit card payments result in big delays, but accounts can be suspended and precious exposure can be lost resulting in a lack of revenue and inconsistency in branding message. Furthermore, many smaller businesses in some parts of the world are finding it hard to advertise on major websites as a lot of these sites do not accept credit card or PayPal payments.

Increased transparency

The objective of AdCoinClick is to allow the advertising of cryptocurrency related products in a transparent manner by means of a digital campaign. It hopes that small and medium enterprises will have the opportunity to connect with big numbers of cryptocurrency enthusiasts quickly and efficiently. Other digital advertising platforms often have minimum budgets for campaigns which can sometimes be out of reach for small businesses or start-ups.

Based in the Netherlands, AdCoinClick claims that around 80% of advertising budgets that are spent on rival platforms are a waste of money due to the fact that the campaigns are not targeted in an efficient manner. AdCoin aims to avoid “spammy traffic” and to instead offer top-tier publishers where adverts relating to ICOs and roadmaps will be seen by those that have a direct interest in the message.


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