When it comes to law, politics, and economics, being able to maintain records of contracts and transactions in a safe and secure way is extremely important when it comes to setting boundaries and protecting assets. Over the last few years, blockchain technology has begun to completely revolutionise the way that we do business due to the way that it follows a decentralised architecture of already operational centralised systems. This means that it is able to speed up the operations whilst ensuring they are more secure and transparent. Now researchers are saying that blockchain technology can be applied to artificial intelligence and can transform this burgeoning industry in a number of different ways.

Shared characteristics

AI as a standalone technology has a vast number of applications and possibilities and it also shares a number of characteristics with blockchain technology. By recognising these shared similarities, a smooth and continuous manner of cooperation and interaction can be developed for the benefit of all involved stakeholders. For example, the decentralised blockchain system puts focus on the importance of data sharing among multiple clients, likewise, AI relies heavily on big data.

The highest levels of security

When it comes to security, blockchain and AI both need it at the highest levels as should there be a breach, the results could be catastrophic. Furthermore, blockchain offers a truly unique way of accessing data which can be scattered across various sources as it facilitates the concept of P2P connectivity. The decentralised nature of blockchain means that it can function as a digital ledger that can identify and validate data therefore making the conduction of transactions completely frictionless. In addition to this, the combination of both technologies can open up the global trade arena by making investments completely secure and totally seamless.

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