As our team at E&S prepares for another teambuilding activity this Friday 11th October, we thought its best to write a few words and highlight the importance of having these events at your workplace.

This Friday our team shall be heading over to Valletta to participate in a scavenger hunt around our beautiful Capital City whereby they shall be split up into smaller teams from different departments, testing their skills and general knowledge along the way.

Our philosophy and work ethic resonates with the modern-day approach of delivering professional work to our clients but at the same time having our team enjoy what they do and challenge themselves to grow even further.

Teambuilding is a huge part in developing the potential of each member and as Jeanine, one of our legal associates, rightly stated “these events enable better communication, enhance working relationships and ultimately prove to increase efficiency between us all.”

Undoubtedly, these events prove to be pivotal in keeping the team motivated. As our accounts and tokenomics associate, Corene, expressed, “teambuilding instills employee confidence in a way that members feel appreciated and valued by their employers.”

E&S Group is always on the lookout for hardworking and determined individuals who want to join this pro-active team. Stay updated with our website, facebook or linkedIn page for constant updates on our events, charities and opportunities.

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