The founder of Lokad, Joannes Vermorel addressed delegates at last month’s CoinGeek Conference in Hong Kong to talk about how Bitcoin Cash has the ability to solve several usability and experience flaws that plague the current banking system.

Vermorel stated that he believes that the current solutions that are offered by the banking systems are cumbersome and expensive. Those that are less costly, tend to be harder to integrate, he added. In addition to this, the regulations and protocol on chargebacks and other services mean that credit cards are actually a very convoluted and stressful part of operations. Bitcoin Cash, however, is not.

“With Bitcoin Cash…it’s just a protocol. It was designed for the Internet age from day one so it’s globally unified. It’s the same thing wherever—it doesn’t depend on the countries. There is nothing that is country-specific about Bitcoin. And that means that in terms of IT integration, it’s way superior.” He adds that it is “native to the Internet.”

“Integrating Bitcoin is just about dropping an open-source piece of software into your IT landscape if you’re a large e-commerce.”

For those that are not familiar with Vermorel’s company, Lokad is a development enterprise that uses big data and machine learning for supply chain disruption, as well as spearheading the Terab Project. The Terab Project is an initiative which works rigorously to bring terabyte blocks to Bitcoin Cash.


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