The Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a new notice to ship owners, ship operators, managers, masters, owners’ representatives and recognised organisations. The notice relates to a concentrated inspection campaign (‘CIC’) on emergency systems and procedures. This will be jointly organised under the Paris and Tokyo Memoranda of Understanding on emergency systems and procedures.

The aim of this joint CIC is to that ships respond appropriately and act promptly in emergency situations. Responsible participants such as shipping organisations, shipping operators and owners who have direct impact on the security of ships must take the appropriate measures and raise awareness in relation to the said emergency systems and procedures.

The CIC shall be launched on the 1st September 2019 and shall end on 30th November 2019. If any insufficiencies are found by the Port State Control Officers, disciplinary action will be taken. Actions may vary from either recording a deficiency which should be rectified within a certain period of time, or else detaining the ship until the serious deficiency has been corrected.

Port State Control Officials shall be issuing a questionnaire aiming to assess whether the equipment available on board the vessels is correctly functioning and is compliant with relevant convention. This questionnaire will further assess whether the master and officers of the vessels are qualified and familiar with operations relating to shipboard emergency systems.


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