An investment manager who deals specifically in cryptocurrency and blockchain has announced the launch of a hedge fund that will cater to the needs of retail investors. The fund is called “The Apex Token Fund”, and it is hoping to raise up to $100m from non-US based investors via a token offering.

The launch comes after Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor stating that cryptocurrencies need more regulation to help combat issues with illegal activities while limiting the potential harm to consumers.

The managing partner of Apex Token Fund, Christopher Keshian said: “to truly bring crypto-assets into the mainstream; we must develop more mature financial products suitable for a larger base of investors. The Apex Token Fund uses technology that will unlock liquidity, manage volatility, and lower barriers to entry for a larger market of global investors. Cryptocurrencies are growing in a jagged upward trajectory, and we believe that the best way to build a portfolio in this space is by diversifying investment strategies and fund managers.”

Apex made it clear that to invest in the fund of hedge funds, an investor doesn’t need to have a large sum of money as the minimum investment, nor do they have to commit to multi-year lock-in periods.

The fund is designed to target those that are already au fait with the world of cryptocurrencies but that are keen to seek out a more diversified exposure.

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