The University of Cagliari, Sardinia is set to join a range of other international universities that will be offering digital certificates over the blockchain. The system was introduced at the graduation session of Computer Science on the 20th of July and will be rolled out across other programmes later in the year.

The decision to switch to blockchain issuing was taken by the university following concerns around the manipulation or falsification of certificates. By using the Ethereum blockchain, the certificates become completely immutable and allow employers to hire students without any concerns over authenticity.

The Director of the University of Cagliari, Maria del Zompo said:

“We have decided to guarantee the authenticity of our graduates’ European certificates with this technology because we intend to equip them with a modern, simple and immediate tool that can be used anywhere in the world. A degree certificate, whether on paper or digital, is easily falsified or altered. Thanks to this technology, our students can guarantee the authenticity and integrity of their digital certificates to potential employers all over the world, in a simple and free manner. Our system does not require the availability of specific apps on smartphones, or access and registration to a specific site. It all takes place in a simple way and with free access tools.”

The new system will allocate one specific registration for each degree session that is unique to the student that takes it. The authenticity of it can be verified by anyone who has an internet connection and can follow the instructions provided on the website of the university. The project was developed in collaboration with FlossLab srl.

Computer Science professor, Gianni Fenu said:

“If the ‘computer signature’ of the document owned coincides with the registered one, integrity is guaranteed of the document The probability of obtaining a random coincidence is less than one divided by a number of 77 digits.”

Cagliari University joins a growing number of educational institutions across the world who have adopted similar systems. These include; Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The Indian Institute of Technology.


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