2018 is the year of radical growth in the blockchain sphere. Events on this technology have been organised around the world, focusing their agenda on the future of the crypto industry.

The Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit has commenced on the island of Ibiza from the 10th till the 13th of September. Many influencers from around have been invited to participate and discuss the way forward about the blockchain sector.

Many key speakers who will be addressing issues that the Blockchain and crypto industry are being faced by various countries. Dr. Christian Ellul, founder of E&S Group will be mediated and speaking in a discussion titled, “The Battle of Crypto Jurisdictions: Which One, Why, How, When, Who, Where and So What?”.

Malta has been the friendliest jurisdiction to pass three regulations on the DLT sector. In fact, on the 3rd of July, the Maltese parliament unanimously passed three progressive laws, encouraging blockchain companies to set up in Malta. It is believed that these regulations are to be implemented in the coming months. While other countries around the world are quite stringent to accept such technology.


If you require further information about the Maltese laws regarding the DLT and crypto space, send us an email on info@blockchainrocket.io or call us on +356 2010 3020. E&S Group will make things happen!


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