Malta’s leading multi-disciplinary firm situated in a picturesque village in St Julian’s has tokenised its services. E&S Group is the first-ever corporate and legal advisory firm to accept tokens instead of fiat currencies for its services.

As a Maltese firm, E&S Group has been involved in cryptocurrency hence offering Legal guidance to upcoming ICOs through its tailor-made ICO Legal Service. So far, the tokenised firm has advised over 70 ICOs from concept stage up to their actual offering.

How does it work?

Early this year, E&S Group has launched its token – ESTS. By means of Proof-of-Work, ESTS works on the Ethereum blockchain platform. In doing so, clients will pay for their services by acquiring the ESTS tokens through the platform.

Why E&S Group?

Since Malta has now become the first country to pass three progressive laws regulating cryptocurrencies, many blockchain based companies have made the move to operate on the island. E&S Group has already assisted a number of ICOs willing to open up their projects on the island.

Dr Christian Ellul, E&S Group director stated that: “Here at E&S Group, we have been involved in the blockchain and crypto world for over a year now. We are happy to learn that the Maltese authorities are supporting this by setting up the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. The intention is to present Malta as a hub to promote this technology which is very feasible, especially with the introduction of the required legislation to smooth the way forward.”  

At E&S Group, no ICO will be left disappointed. The legal team have a keen understanding of the ICO and Cryptocurrency industry, helping you to set up your ICO and perform successfully. Some of the key ICO services provided are: analysing of white paper in accordance with the Maltese Law, assisting with the design of tokens and drafting the token offer agreement.

Visit this link to know more about our ICO Legal services. E&S Group will help you make things happen!

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