E&S Group Director, Dr Christian Ellul is participating in a Tokenomics Conference in Estonia. This event is going to take place on the 23rd and 24th May at the Tallinn University. The conference will be solely focused on discussing the token-based economy.

Experienced blockchain leaders will be discussing important issues, such as how and where the status quo can be affected by the token-based economy. The audience will have the privilege to understand the subject in more depth. Blockchain professionals will explain all stages of token circulation, which is set on three important stages. These stages begin from emission stage, then it moves on to token listing on one of the blockchain exchanges and ends with token growth or downfall.

We hope to see you at the Conference!

If you require legal advice on blockchain, crypto, ICOs and tokenomics, E&S Group is here to help you achieve your dream! To know more about E&S Group success please visit our website www.ellulschranz.com for further information.

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