Parliamentary Secretary for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation, Silvio Schembri has announced the launch of a new strategy that will seek to further encourage the development of the eSports sector in Malta. This comes hand in hand with plans to host the very first eSports international tournament in September.

In a press release, Schembri stated that over the next few months, the video gaming sector will receive a big publicity boost:

“We firmly believe that Malta, with its current gaming ecosystem and Home of Gaming Excellence credentials, will provide the ideal landscape for eSports athletes, business, and tournaments to thrive”

He added: “We want to encourage training programmes, boot camps, and development courses on team leadership and physical wellness. In fact, through Gaming Malta, we’re working to host the first eSport international tournament.”

Whilst there are several challenges remaining regarding infrastructure and planning, Schembri reassured the press that the environment is being backed by government policies which will help the various projects to succeed.

Between 24th and 29th September, Malta will be host to the ‘Trojan Horse was a Unicorn’ conference which will be an important part of the Maltese digital creative arts ecosystem as well as reinforcing innovation, education, and attracting the world’s best talent.

Head of Operations and Business Development at Gaming Malta, Ivan Filletti said that eSports is going to be a big and important part of Malta’s digital ecosystem:

“The first eSports Forum will serve as an opportunity to dive deep into this fast-growing sector and Malta can serve as a catalyst between eSports and iGaming”.

The eSports sector has already experienced rapid growth over the last few years and globally the eSports market is expected to hit $1.5 billion by 2020. If Malta can position itself as a leading jurisdiction in this industry, like it already has with iGaming and cryptocurrency, then these revenues will provide a welcome boost to the already booming economy.

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