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The Portuguese Golden Visa Programme is one of the most sought-after residency by investment schemes in Europe. The programme was launched in October 2012 through Law 29/2012 and Order number 11820-A/2012, and since then has been successfully undertaken by over ten thousand families. The programme targets non-EU citizens who wish to work, reside and conduct business within the EU.

Benefits of Portuguese Golden Visa

  1. Travel

The applicant will benefit from visa-free travel to Schengen Countries and the procurement of the EU Residence Card. If the applicant decides to subsequently obtain Portuguese Citizenship, the applicant will also benefit from visa-free travel to 186 countries.

  1. Living, Working and Studying

The applicant, and his eligible dependents, will be able to work, live and study in Portugal, and may even own and run their own business in Portugal. The applicant will have full access to all public services including health care and education.

  1. Tax Benefits

The applicant is not burdened with any tax responsibilities. In the case that the applicant decides to spend more than 183 days a year in Portugal, the applicant becomes a tax resident.

  1. Permanent Residency and Citizenship

One of the most attractive features of the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme is that the applicant, along with any dependant, may apply for permanent residence. Post five years from acquiring the Golden Visa, the applicant may also apply for Portuguese Citizenship by naturalisation, which brings along with it all the benefits of an EU Citizenship.

Requirement for Portuguese Citizenship:

  • No outstanding tax payments in Portugal;
  • Clean criminal records, both in Portugal and the home country of applicant;
  • Passed a basic language test in Portuguese.

The requirements for citizenship are in accordance with the Portuguese Nationality Act.

The investment can be made in various ways including through Real Estate, Capital, Funds, Job Creation or Donations. The said investment must be maintained for a minimum period of five years.

  1. Real Estate

The applicant must undertake one of the following;

  • An investment in real estate with a minimum value of €500,000;
  • A real estate investment of at least €400,000 for low density areas (less than 100 habitants per km2);
  • An investment of at least €350,000 in real estate that is older than 30 years and located in an urban rehabilitation area;
  • An investment of at least €280,000 in real estate that is older than 30 years and located in a low density area (less than 100 habitants per km2).

It must be noted that the minimum amount does not pertain to one property. The applicant can invest in multiple real estate which must collectively amount to the minimum thresholds in each category.

  1. Capital
  • A Capital Transfer to Portugal of at least €1,000,000.
  1. Funds
  • An investment of at least €350,000 in a qualifying Portuguese fund.
  1. Job Creation

The applicant is to decide on one of the following;

  • The main applicant is to undertake to own a Portuguese Business which creates a minimum of 10 new full-time jobs;
  • In the case of a low-density area, the main applicant is to own a Portuguese Business which creates a minimum of 8 new full-time jobs;
  • An investment of at least €350,000 in an existing Portuguese Business which must create a minimum of 5 new full-time jobs for at least three years.
  1. Donation
  • A minimum investment of €250,000 euro in preserving national heritage in Portugal;


  • A minimum investment of €350,000 in research and development activity in Portugal.

The funds financing such an investment must be sourced from outside Portugal.

Documentation Required

  • Copy of passport or other government-issued travel document;
  • Valid Schengen Visa;
  • Portuguese Fiscal number;
  • Proof of evidence of the qualifying investment made by the main applicant individually:
    • in the case of real estate, this amounts to a Deed or Promise of Sale Agreement with proof of deposit;
    • in the case of investment fund, proof of fund subscription from the fund manager.
  • Declaration from a Portuguese financial institution confirming transfer of funds;
  • Proof of healthcare insurance coverage:
    • if in Portugal, from the National Health System;
    • if outside Portugal, from any internally covered insurance company.
  • Criminal Record of current country of residence (issued within 3 months from the submission of application);
  • A complete form authorising SEF to access the criminal record in Portugal;
  • A sworn declaration exhibiting compliance with the minimum investment requirements for the necessary time period of 5 years;
  • Documents outlining good standing with the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority and Social Security system to be issued within 45 days of the form submission;
  • Receipt of ARI application payment.

The applicant may extend the Golden Visa to family members. These include:

  • Spouses;
  • Children under the age of 18 from either spouse;
  • Children over the age of 18 but under the age of 26 who are financially dependent on the main applicant, due to them being full-time enrolled students in any academic institution, provided that they are not married;
  • Parents of the main applicant who are over the age of 65.

The applicant must;

  • Be a Non-EU/EEA/Swiss National;
  • Be at least 18 years of age;
  • Have a clean criminal record both in his home country and in Portugal;
  • Make a qualifying investment;
  • Satisfy the ‘Stay Requirement’ by spending a minimum of 7 days in Portugal from the first year of attainment of Golden Visa and not less than 14 days for each subsequent 2-year period.
Processing Fee

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Initial Application Fee

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Renewal of Golden Visa

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