A Peruvian entrepreneur is looking to save the rainforests of the Amazon, using the power of blockchain.

Rafael Benavides is using blockchain technology as a part of a new initiative that will seek to make biodiversity profitable in the area as well as to create a boutique hotel. His plan is to transform 20,000 hectares of unprotected rainforest near Tarapoto. Named “Bosque Guardian”, the idea is to preserve the area and to include a condominium of cabins and a hotel that will cater for guests interested in nature and conservation.

The foundation plans to launch a cryptocurrency that will help to pioneer a way to raise fund transparency, whilst encouraging reforestation.

“We are in the process of completing our partnership with Chainzilla and Komodo Platform, which is based on Bitcoin. This means that Bosque Guardian is going to issue a token called Guardian Coin,” said Benavides.

Then funds will be used to buy the remaining land in the buffer zone and to incorporate it into the conservation area. 20,000,000 Guardian Coins will be issued in stages, with each coin having a value of $1. Holders of the coin will be able to spend it at all facilities, as well as getting drone footage of parts of the project.

Rafael explained that it his idea is not to make a huge profit from the project, but rather to protect the trees that still remain, via the use of sustainable business models. Other ideas include various revenue streams, the education of locals, scientific research, renewable energy, and a strong deforestation programme.

Charles Gonzales, CEO of Chainzilla commented, “Incubating new markets is a priority and we have to think outside the box when it comes to conservation because it has become a stale subject. There is a misconception about it being solely non-profit. Bosque Guardian is pioneering a sustainable model of conservation that gets us one step closer to making biodiversity conservation profitable.”

By using a distributed blockchain to provide transparency, it is hoped that not only the environment will benefit but that Peru will begin to explore the advantages of virtual currencies, decentralization, and liquidity.


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