Last year, a cryptocurrency was created with the sole aim of celebrating Halloween 2017. This coin was called Halloween Coin or HALLO, but with the ghoulish festival just around the corner, it seems to be getting a bit of attention this year as well.

Whilst the concept of a themed cryptocurrency may not fill investors with confidence, some of them do have a bit of merit. That said, linking an entire project to a certain time of year or a one-of-a-kind event is not going to result in a lot of ongoing buzz. When it comes to Halloween Coin, what exactly is its purpose, has always been a bit of a grey area.

The coin was first announced in April of 2017, full six months before the holiday itself. The project was originally abandoned by its initial developer, again showing that themed or short-term projects are not a great idea. With most altcoin ventures not making their first birthday as it is, limiting the scope of a coin in this way was bound to ensure its doom.

But, Halloween Coin was launched and upgraded with all previous users needing to go through a wallet upgrade as well. After this soft fork, the new developer outlined a roadmap of future developments including mobile wallets, commerce applications, and giveaways. Despite this announcement, not much has been heard since and it appears that there is only one person working on the project at the moment.

In an update published in June 2018, the developer behind Halloween Coin suggested that a new wallet client is worked on and be released by Halloween 2018. So far, nothing has been forthcoming.

That said, Halloween Coin is still being traded on CoinExchange and whilst it is not generating any real value and it is almost impossible to ascertain how many coins are in circulation, it is still generating a bit of attention. On the 26th of October, $61.00 of Halloween Coin was traded on exchanges with each coin commanding a value of $0.0001 in 24 hours.

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