E&S Group is excited to announce that its client Hi Fly has purchased the largest Airbus – A380.


Our client, Hi Fly, has registered the largest aircraft to date in Malta, Airbus A380.

Being the largest widebody aircraft wet lease, Hi Fly has a number of aircraft registered with the Malta Aircraft Registry. Hi Fly praises itself on its wet lease services, offering short, medium and long-term contracts to airlines, governments, tour operators, companies and individuals.

Airbus 380

The European manufacturer Airbus designed Airbus 380 to compete with their American competition, Boeing. This double-deck, wide-body, a four-engine jet airliner is the world’s largest passenger airliner. Airports have to be fully equipped with adequate facilities to accommodate such airline.


If you would like to register your aircraft in Malta, E&S Group is here to help. We offer step by step procedures to register your aircraft in Malta, please visit this link here. You can contact us at info@blockchainrocket.io or  +356 2010 3020.


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