The Taiwanese government is in the process of consolidating its Hierarchical Medical system policy and this is set to include a blockchain-driven platform that will be used to advance the way that medical records are stored.

The Healthcare Blockchain Platform will increase the efficiency of patient referral services as well as integrating healthcare networks so that individuals are able to access their medical data as and when they want.

In a statement released by the hospital, they stated that the new platform will be a one-stop referral service and will provide long-term care services in terms of the HMS policy.

The project came to fruition due to a collaborative effort between 100 community-based clinics that chose to utilise the use of the blockchain. By addressing issues that commonly affected them, issues like the transfer of data between institutions, personal patient portals, and referral processes could be simplified.

“Using smart contracts, hospitals and clinics can request and authorize patient record sharing easily and securely,” the report noted.

Chen Ray-Jade, the superintendent of a leading hospital stated that the programme would provide a way of synchronising medical records with electronic health records from a large network of hospitals and clinics. It would also have the ability to notify and require consent before any transfer of data would be executed.

Back in August, a medical Big Data ecosystem designed for the storage of sensitive personal information was created by a South Korean biotech enterprise called Macron, and a local firm called Bigster. This was a significant move that made waves in the medical community by facilitation the secure storage and transfer of sensitive information over the blockchain.

A German company called Camelot Consulting Group also created a similar blockchain portal that would manage medical data.


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