Over the next two years, a large amount of capital could come flowing into the cryptocurrency ecosystem.  According to research from the London Block Exchange, whilst traditionally women have steered clear of the sector, we are now beginning to see a bigger interest from female investors.

Women in crypto

Women represent a huge chunk of the market, yet so far, they have only made up a small fraction of cryptocurrency investors at around 8.5% of the market share. The sentiment amongst women is changing, however, and over the last 6 months, the number of women that are considering investing in Bitcoin has doubled to 13%. These statistics are even more encouraging when we look at the numbers of millennial women that are considering investing – an impressive one in five.

The impact that these numbers could have on the industry is huge. By the year 2020, it is expected that women will hold around $70 trillion of private wealth and these numbers are expected to increase as more women take leading positions in the working world.

It is highly likely that this will lead to a change in the way in which cryptocurrencies behave. Studies have repeatedly shown that women are a lot more strategic when it comes to their investment methods. On the other hand, men tend to be more likely to take a risk and take a gambling approach to trading. A big pool of long-term investors such as women could help to significantly stabilise the Bitcoin market.

Make their presence known

As women represent around 50% of the global population, it is important that they start to make their presence known in the cryptocurrency market. It is only through mainstream adoption that the market will grow and we need women to ensure this is achieved. But women can contribute far more than just capital, their skills are needed in the fields of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as well.

A company called LocalCoin has created a series of initiatives that are geared towards encouraging women to get involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. For example, Women in Crypto is a Toronto based conference that works towards attracting women and educating them to take part in this technological revolution. With a panel of established female stakeholders, it aims to create an open and friendly environment for beginners to get to grips with Bitcoin and the tech behind it. We need to see more of these events globally, and locally to encourage more and more women to involve themselves in this sector.


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