In an effort to appeal to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, internet browser Opera is testing a built-in cryptocurrency wallet in a beta version of its Android browser. The wallet will initially provide support to Ethereum with other coins likely to be added in the future. Investors in Ether that are using Opera would be able to easily access their tokens, via the application if the feature is to go live.

This news comes several months after the hype surrounding cryptocurrency has plateaued and it is clear that this is an attempt to draw the interests of investors to the little-known browser. In the past, Opera had indicated awareness of the cryptocurrency market as well as the influx of scams and it responded by introducing anti-crypto jacking software into its browsers.

At the time of writing, this announcement makes Opera the first mainstream internet browser to add a built-in cryptocurrency wallet. The unveiled plans show that you can either import your existing wallet or create a completely new one, as well as sending or receiving money directly into the browser. It can also be used when making online purchases where the merchant is supporting cryptocurrency transactions.

If you wish to test out the private beta version, you can sign up through Opera’s website, or alternatively, you can wait for the fully tested version to hit the market. This news is a positive step forward and may encourage other browsers to consider implementing cryptocurrency friendly technology into their software.


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