Ledger, the world’s leading hardware wallet provider is rumoured to be planning to support Tron (TRX) across all of its cryptocurrency wallet platforms.

The news came after a response from Ledger to a question posed on their Twitter platform. When asked if plans were in the works, their social media spokesperson invited the team of developers from Tron to contact them and work with their team to iron out the technical issues relating to Tron’s blockchain.

At the moment, there are a few small issues with the blockchain that have made it difficult for Ledger to include TRX in its list of supported currencies. It is still unknown whether Tron has replied to Ledger’s invitation but it is clear that the two companies are both eager to collaborate for the future of the currency.

Monero working to integrate

Earlier this month, Monero was in talks with Ledger to incorporate it onto the wallet platform but as of yet, developers have been unable to create a stable support mechanism within the Ledger system.

To assist with this process, Riccardo Spagni, the man behind Monero made several tweaks to its blockchain’s core software to enable it to have a smoother transition when it is finally implemented.

It seems likely that the pressures of the cryptocurrency community will continue to push the Tron Foundation to work on other similar solutions but this will have to wait until TRX manages to weather the storm that came as a result of its MainNet transition.

There are other collaborations already in the works- Ledger is working with VeChain, Teos, IOTA, Zclassic, Cardano, Decred and many others. PIVX seems to be ready for use on Ledger any day now, but it does beg the question as to why Zcoin has not been integrated, whereas Zcalssic has.

The Zerocoin protocol was created by PIVX around 12 months ago and it became the first cryptocurrency to operate on a model that doesn’t require mining. Integrating PIVX into Ledger was completed in October. Whilst integrating TRX may not be too much of a complex job, the fact that it is relatively young on the market could be what holds things back.


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