E&S Group is pleased to announce that LifeTask token offer went live!

Today, LifeTask launched its token offer. The aim of this initiative is to become the first decentralised competence platform for a talent-driven job market.

By means of AI (Artificial Intelligence), LifeTask created a P2P platform to help employers to find their suitable candidate and employees to find their perfect job.

E&S Group is pleased to be advising LifeTask, aiding to make their project a reality!

If you would like to acquire LifeTask tokens please visit their website on https://www.lifetask.io

If you wish to start off your ICO and don’t know from where to start, contact E&S Group on +356 2010 3020 or by sending an email on info@blockchainrocket.io. You can also visit this link to know more about our services. E&S Group will make things happen!

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