During London Fintech Week which took place between the 6th and 13th July, brought experts in the Blockchain, Fintech and Crypto industry together to discuss issues about the new Fintech technologies.

At the moment, Fintech is surging in popularity. Many financial sectors are embarking on Blockchain based technologies to keep up with this growing industry. Although blockchain is looked at as a field controlled by men, a number of women started to involve themselves in the Blockchain industry. In fact, one of the key panel discussions spoke about, ‘Women in Blockchain’.

Women in Blockchain

Since the blockchain industry is growing at a steady pace, only a small percentage of women work in the sector.  However, a substantial interest has been noticed in women joining the blockchain revolution. In a panel, made up of women involved in blockchain discussed ways how more women need and can be involved in the industry. They also mentioned the need for men in the industry to support women by creating more opportunities for them.

Women are attending many Blockchain and Fintech conferences, participating in hackathons being organised. The main aim of these women is to explore new areas in the sector and networking with possible partners for their company they represent.

At the moment we are seeing a number of women setting up their projects, one woman, in particular, is the co-founder of Neufund Zoe Adamovicz. Moreover, a substantial shift is seen within the Fintech sector, with more women working alongside men, while others are known leaders in the industry.

One other point the panel emphasised was that the blockchain industry needs more women to be empowered and engage in this ever-expanding industry. Although the technology and financial industry are dominated by men, women from an integrated part with this dynamic space. Women are also the game changers to this ever-growing industry and should actively participate in the Blockchain revolution!

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