Merchant Shipping Notice 160 – Supporting Measures to the Maltese Shipping Industry during the COVID -19 Pandemic


Since the effects COVID-19 are continuing to impact various industries, including the shipping industry, the Merchant Shipping Directorate has issued a notice outlining supporting measures to shipping companies, owners, managers and operators of Maltese merchant ships.

By means of Merchant Shipping Notice 160, the Merchant Shipping Directorate has given ship owners the option of deferring due payment of registration fees and annual tonnage tax, of which the anniversary date falls on or after 1st April 2020, by period of three months from the anniversary.

The Request to renew Certificates of Registry is still to be made to the Registry together with the request for deferral of payment of the registration fees and tonnage tax.

A copy of the notice issued by the Merchant Shipping Directorate can be viewed here.

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