“Go” is one of the oldest board games in the world. An abstract strategy game for two players, the aim is to occupy more territory than the opponent in the shortest amount of time, and as of 2015, there are over 40 million Go players in the world.

Whilst the rules seem easy, the game itself is extremely complex in the same way that Chess is, but Go has a much larger board with a lot of additional room for play and as such it is a lot more difficult.

A blockchain version

The current world champion of Go is a South Korean called Lee Sedol who became the fifth youngest national to become a professional at the age of 12. Now, he is widely considered to be one of the best and most skilled players in the world and he has turned his attention to creating a blockchain version of his beloved game.

In 2016, Sedol lost to AlphaGo a Google AI which was able to beat not just him, but French Go player Fan Hui. Now, two years later, Sedol has announced that he will be launching a blockchain version of the game which will be known as “GoBlock” and will be created with the assistance of the Korea-basd The Blockchain Inc.

The Blockchain Inc was designed to assist users in navigating the world of cryptocurrency, and it also manages CoinUs which is a website due to release a wallet and a device that will facilitate offline digital asset storage.

A global league

Once GoBlock is launched, players based in China, Japan, and South Korea will be able to partake in a global, professional league, but this is not all that Sedol has planned. He has also spoken about his desire to create an awards system that will benefit everyone from viewers to players and advertisers. The platform is anticipated to include both amateur and professional leagues, as well as providing training for beginners.

“I was drawn to the blockchain technology due to decentralization and transparency features. If blockchain technology and the token economy are applied to Go game, it will be able to expand the game’s ecosystem and bring about unforeseen changes to the game’s ecosystem,” said Sedol.

GoBlock will be built on the Ethereum network and tokens will be issued to support leagues, game players, and even match records. After a few years of uncertainty, it seems that blockchain has finally managed to make a dent in the gaming industry with games such as CryptoZombies and CryptoKitties making some serious waves.


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