With the cryptocurrency market as unstable as it is, businesses are looking at development and partnership as a marker of growth and success, instead of market prices. One of the key players in the blockchain space, Ripple Inc has been leading the way for some time now, working hard to integrate its blockchain tech into a range of financial institutions. The company is currently valued at an impressive $17 billion and the current value of XRP stands at $0.29054 USD but it is Ripple’s partnerships with big businesses that have helped it retain its value in a somewhat unsteady market.

There is but one problem; the question of decentralised governance has become something of a thorn in Ripple Inc’s side as the big stake that Ripple has in XRP, ultimately gives the control. The increase in the influence of Ripple as a blockchain solution provider has been a bit of a concern for some.

As Ripple Inc continues to flourish as more and more banks and big businesses around the world continue adopting their technology the sky seems to be the limit, a sentiment that was echoed by the MD of Ripple South East Asia, Navin Gupta.

“Now we don’t approach banks…they approach us.”

At the time of writing, xCurrent and xRapid technologies are integrated with over 100 banks across the globe such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, JP Morgan Chase, American Express and Santander.

These votes of confidence from some of the world’s most well-known and well-respected names mean that not only will Ripple’s technology continue to increase in popularity, but it seems like this will also be reflected in its value and trading popularity. Over the last 24 hours, a daily volume of $273 was traded across global exchanges placing the XRP coin in third place on the Coinmarketcap log with a total market cap of $11,439,269,165 USD.


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