She(256) is a new scheme that is focussed on helping to encourage women to enter the cryptocurrency job market. The aim of the programme is to enable female students to benefit from the guidance of crypto OG, as well as to provide invaluable technical and business experience.

A University of California and Berkeley-led initiative, She(256) will present a chance for students and early-career young adults to learn from each other through serving as guides and allies.

The world of cryptocurrency, particularly when it comes to those being employed within it, is a somewhat male-dominated industry. Each woman that takes part in the programme will be assigned with a well-known and knowledgeable crypto expert as a mentor who will guide them through making their way into the sector.

Jill Carson tweeted about the project:

“Dear men of crypto, I would love to see many of you sign up to be She(256) mentors too! Many of you have been the most important mentors and influences in my career. It matters more than you know when you support your female colleagues,” 

Finding direction and career opportunities within the space can be daunting for many, especially when such a gender disparity exists. Through the use of mentors, young, professional women can identify areas of interest and seek out new career opportunities that they may not have been able to observe before.

Guidelines of the programme include connecting with the mentor via phone or in person 1-3 times a month, as well as maintaining regular contact via email. She(65) will also organise meet-ups and networking events where they can meet other like-minded individuals within the field. Mentorships run officially for a period of a year, but communication is encouraged even after the official programme has finished.


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