A few days after France welcomed their World Cup heroes flooding the streets of Paris with loud cheers and enthusiasm, Smile expo organised their ‘Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference’ in Paris. The event was held on the 18th July discussing various topics in relation to Fintech, blockchain and crypto sector. One of E&S Group representatives attended the conference which welcomed many foreign entrepreneurs from the blockchain industry.

The Smile expo is a Russian company which organises events in different cities around the world. Most of these conferences are B2B events combing exhibitions and conferences with regards to Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin titled events. The last event that Smile expo organised was the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference which took place in Paris, France. During the event, many key speakers participated in discussions and speeches at the conference. The discussions which were brought up were about new Fintech technologies in the market, what is the French position regarding blockchain and crypto-assets and ICOs, GDPR and Blockchain and if they can work hand in hand, and Blockchain and the enterprises, to name a few.

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