Taipei a city in Taiwan chose to team up with IOTA, to become a smart city. By this, inventors of the Internet of Things (IoT) will help residents to have a number of new technology features through utilization of Blockchain or Distributed Ledger.

The Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology in Taipei City, Wei-bin Lee, stated that the citizens of Taipei will see a new era of smart cities. IOTA will offer this unique technology.

ID cards, for the citizens of Taipei, is the first project that will take place. These ‘TangleID’ cards will rely on the use of  ‘Tangle technology’. This creation has many positive functions some of which will help to decrease any possible risk of identity theft and voter fraud. Another positive outlook for these ID cards is that it will keep track of health history and government-related data services.

Another project that IOTA is working on to improve this city, is to create a palm-sized card with active sensors aiding to detect light, temperature, humidity, and pollution. This innovation will keep up-to-date information with regards to pollution levels in real time to the citizens of Taiwan.

David Sønstebø, the co-founder of IOTA Foundation, stated that this massive project is nearly ready to be implemented. He also noted that ‘the technology is ready for real-world use cases and is more than just a theory’.

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