E&S Group is proud to announce that its client The Accounting Blockchain has launched its Private Placement.


E&S Group is pleased to be working with The Accounting Blockchain assisting them in this exciting project. The aim of this blockchain based platform is to incorporate smart contracts,  helping companies processing triple entries in the platform thus saving time and money. This project is tailor-made to match the current market of accounting software packages. In addition, The Accounting Blockchain came up with a solution for companies that need to invoice each other and how payments are processed through the supply chain reaching the end consumer. AB Tokens are issued to their clients, where they can enjoy savings provided by the platform.

E&S Group is proud to be advising and supporting this innovative project, incorporating blockchain and smart contracts guiding companies to the future of doing business through cryptocurrencies. To learn more about The Accounting Blockchain, please visit their website: https://www.theaccountingblockchain.io/


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