At the moment, Berlin is hosting an array of blockchain, Fintech and Satellite events to industries around the world. TOA Berlin is a B2B event aiming high to build new bridges across the world. The Berlin conference is gathering prominent stakeholders, to learn from one another, make connections, grow and inspire each other.

A panel of speakers took part in the TOA Berlin conference on the 20th of June. One of the talks was named: ‘Don’t burst my bubble! Will we succeed at decentralized governance?’, discussed various jurisdictions in developing a decentralised government. The panel discussed on how the Maltese government is taking a progressive approach towards the blockchain industry.

The TOA Berlin is bridging out to tech enthusiasts to understand this technology further. Technology helps businesses to improve and facilitate their workload. Opportunities arise when you have a functioning and understanding of technology. TOA believe is that industries across the world need to collaborate with each other, driving society forward.


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