At the last week of August TRON gained a good momentum obtaining almost half a billion of its old tokens that ran on the Ethereum network. They also celebrated their new wallet being launched on the iOS Apple Store.

TRX has built a name for itself as one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies and due to its success, it finally left the Ethereum network and set out on its own. To celebrate its disconnection from Ethereum, TRON has burnt four rounds of old, obsolete tokens as they have been replaced with tokens that are compliant with the new blockchain.

This latest round of burning was done at the same time that the TronWallet was launched in the iOS Apple Store after considerable work to gain the Apple seal of approval.

During the month of August, developments have been a nail-biter with the App Store issues and multiple bugs creeping up as a part of normal development of a feature that is almost entirely rewriting the foundations of the app. But with the help of the always helpful, strong Brazilian coffee and hard work, TRON team pulled through and they are ready to complete their most ambitious release yet.

Some of the features of the new app include:

  • Fully decentralised P2P wallet with no login or signup required
  • Local secret encryption and PIN
  • All Tron network operations supported except ‘create tokens’
  • Create multiple accounts and store contacts in one address book
  • Push notifications once transactions are processed
  • Open source privacy with private keys belonging to  the user only

The programme is backed by Tron’s accelerator as well as being developed by Getty/IO Inc; a front-end development firm that specialises in AWS, blockchain, and Javascript.

Recently, TRON shifted their operations to Malta, joining other established corporations also dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Due to Malta’s positive stance on the DLT sector, Malta will surely embark its sails to welcome all companies to set up shop on the island.

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