COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed many things, such as the way we spend, our behaviour and our actions online. With this in mind, industries, such as Gaming are having to implement specific measures to protect its consumers. This is mainly due to evidence indicating that gamblers are at greater risk of harm during lockdown.

To combat this, the UK Gambling Commission has introduced tighter measures to guarantee player safety. This involves additional guidelines for remote operators which must be adhered to during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Specifically, the Social responsibility code provision 3.4.1 now states that it is now obligatory for remote operators to ensure the following:

  • Reviews of all thresholds and triggers used to track vulnerability to ensure that they reflect changed financial circumstances that many consumers will be experiencing. An emphasis should be placed on those thresholds and triggers being proactively reset on a precautionary basis to ensure customers with emerging vulnerability, such as increased time spent at play or increased spend can be identified
  • Specifically, review your time indicators to capture play in excess of 1 hour as this is a proxy for potential harm.
  • Set additional or modify existing thresholds and triggers which are specific to new customers reflecting an operator’s lack of knowledge of that individual’s play and spend patterns.
  • Implement processes that ensure the continual monitoring of your customer base, identifying customers whose patterns of play, spend or behaviours have changed in the last few weeks.
  • Conduct affordability assessments for individuals picked up by existing or new thresholds and triggers which indicate consumers experiencing harm. Consider limiting or blocking further play until the checks have been concluded and supporting evidence obtained.
  • Prevent reverse withdrawal options for customers until further notice.
  • Stop bonus offers or promotions to customers displaying indicators of harm

These new measures further highlight the importance of identifying at risk customers to ensure that licensees not only have preventative measures in place but are also ensuring that at risk players are not in a position which makes them more vulnerable to harm.

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