IOTA, the IoT-driven blockchain platform has announced plans to launch real-world integration with leading car manufacturer, Volkswagen. In a project called The Digital CarPass that is to be released in 2019, data will be performance tracked via the IOTA blockchain with the aim of ensuring its reliability and security.

The news was announced by Volkswagen’s Head of Blockchain, Benjamin Sinram at a blockchain event held in Tel Aviv. The project is the result of a collaboration between IOTA and Volkswagen that was first announced as a proof-of-concept earlier this year at Cebit 2018. The PoC provided a focus on delivering a trustworthy vehicle software solution via the Tange network in order to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Speaking in Tel Aviv, Sinram explained that VW wants to work towards full IOTA integration to enable customers to be able to access new services and pay for them automatically. As well as working on the VW/IOTA CarPass project, Sinram is also a part of teams working on integration with Porsche and the Volkswagen financial services sector.

This IOTA CarPass is one of five blockchain projects that are currently being actively developed by Volkswagen. The solution being developed by Porsche will focus on identity determinations that will enable multiple users to share access to the same vehicle and other projects include supply-chain orientated ledgers, as well as a charging protocol that will use Ethereum technology.

Other features will give drivers an opportunity to keep track of how many miles they have driven and the possibility of providing accurate data on car emissions, a problem that has plagued VW in the past.


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