As you already know the E&S Group team took part in KSU Fresher’s Week organised at the University of Malta where we held a competition for attentiveness and agility among the University undergraduates. We offered the participants to go through the labyrinth as fast as possible to have an opportunity to win the main prize – a tablet.

During the 5 days of Fresher’s Week, nearly 100 young people participated in this competition of skill whilst also trying out their luck. Last Monday the front-runner of the competition was announced. 

 The winner of the maze competition was Liam Grech, to his disbelief, with the fastest time achieved, 4.92 sec to be exact! Liam is undergraduate doing his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics and Statistics and Operations Research. Let us wish him good luck in writing his thesis this academic year and promising career prospects!

E&S Group provides a range of services including ICO Legal Services, Corporate Services, iGaming, International Tax Planning, Financial Planning, Tokenomics, and more. If you are a student willing to work in one of these fields in the future, be sure to get in touch!

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