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Thinking of Setting up a Malta Company? Malta is a very tax-efficient jurisdiction where to set up a company. In fact, Maltese companies can benefit from very low effective tax rates. Here at E&S Group we can guide you in setting up a Malta limited liability company in a manner that allows for the best possible tax efficiency.

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The setting up of a Malta company is usually a straightforward process. We will ask you to complete our proposal form. Subsequently, our legal team will draft the Memorandum & Articles of Association of the company. We will then send you the Malta Company documents for approval. Following your sign-off, your Malta Company is ready to be set up. 

The Incorporation of a Malta Company is the easy part. This is where E&S add value to your incorporation process. 


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E&S Group assists clients through the whole process of setting up a company in Malta, including:

  • Preparation of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company;
  • Registration of the Malta company with the Malta Business Register;
  • Registration for tax and VAT purposes with the respective authorities;
  • Full range of corporate services including:
    • registered address;
    • operational office facilities;
    • appointment of company secretary;
    • sourcing of directors; and
    • ongoing compliance with the Malta Business Register.
  • Proposing various bank account solutions (whether in Malta or abroad);
  • Assistance with the day-to-day administration of the Malta company.

Contact our Client Relationship Manager on LinkedIn Deborah Vella or email us for further information  or leave us a message below!

Facts about the Formation of a Malta Company

  • The Formation of Company in Malta takes approximately 48 hours
  • The applicable Law on Malta Companies is The Companies Act 1995.
  • There are 2 types of companies in Malta. Theese are the Private Limited Liability Company and the Public Limited Liability Company.
  • You can also reserve Malta company name for a period of 3 months
  • Malta Companies are registered at the registry of Companies. There is therefore no need to incolve a notary.
  • Notably, a Malta company must have at least one director and one company secretary.
  • There are no exchange Controls imposed on Malta Companies.

Benefits of a Malta Company Incorporation

  • The Holdings of a Malta Company, that meet certain specifications, are tax exempt.
  • You can achieve an effective tax rate on trading profits of 5%
  • There are also no withholding taxes, stamp duties or other restrictions on distributions of profits from a Malta company to non-resident shareholders.
  • Malta is an EU Country and enjoys all the benefits and protections of it.
  • Also, a company may conduct its business internationally by only making little changes through a Malta company.
  • English is an official language spoken in Malta.
  • A registered Malta company is still considered resident in Malta even if the business or ownership happens overseas.
  • No Maltese Nationals or residents needed to set up a Malta Company.
  • Malta companies may hold funds in banks outside Malta.

Process of Setting up A Company in Malta

Company formation expenses are relatively low in Malta. Thus, making Malta a cost-effective jurisdiction. This does apply for not only large corporations’ tax planning, but also small and medium-sized businesses.

Also, setting up a Company in Malta is straightforward.  This is because Malta wants, as a jurisdiction, to attract business. Thus, Malta has one of the most efficient company incorporation processes in the EU.

Malta Company Incorporation Procedure

The Procedure to incorporate a Maltese Company is quite straightforward. Following our standard Due diligence exercise, we will send you an Incorporation Proposal Form. This form contains questions on all the required information on the Malta Company you wish to incorporate. As soon as we receive this back from you we will draft the incorporation documents. This usually happens same day. We will then send you all the corporate documents for your approval. Once we receive your OK, we will Incorporate the company in Malta.

Once your Maltese Company is setup, we could assist you in all other services you might want for your Company in Malta:

Malta Company Taxation

Malta is, above all, a tax efficient jurisdiction for holding and trading companies. Furthermore, the UBOs of Trading Companies in Malta can enjoy effective tax rates of as little as 5%. Those of Maltese Holding Companies could also achieve tax neutrality.

Most Popular Tax-Efficient Company Formation in Malta

Private Malta Company Incorporation

A private limited Malta company is the most popular type of partnership. The limited liability Maltese company is, in fact, the only type of company allowed by the Companies Act. As its name indicates, Companies in Malta have a separate legal personality. This limits shareholder liability to the amount of unpaid share capital. With the correct guidance, a limited liability company can be set up in a manner that allows for optimum tax efficiency.


At E&S, we provide specialist Malta Company Formation services to corporate or individuals planning to register a company in Malta. We are thus able to offer quick and cost-effective company formation solutions in Malta.

Choosing someone to set up and manage your company in Malta is not an easy task. You need a knowledgeable team but also someone you can trust. We would like to think we offer both. Whilst most other firms are either made up of accountants or lawyers, we are strong in both fields. This gives you comfort that we will manage all aspects of your Malta Company Setup and maintenance.  This is what we do.

Our speciality is the setting up and assisting clients to maintain their Malta Company. Also, size does matter. We are the right size to be able to have all specialisations required yet not make you just another number. You will have immediate access to high-level staff.



"According to our experience, E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy your business needs with reference to Maltase law. Their work is well organized and carried out in a precise and timely manner. I look forward to continuing my cooperation with E&S Consultancy."

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Key Contacts

Head of Corporate Administration

Nicole Said

Nicole joined E&S Group in February 2016 to form part of the Front Office team. Her main duties included the day-to-day administration of the group. She had then been promoted to head the administration team as an Executive Secretary. Over the years Nicole had contributed to the overall efficiency of the firm by ensuring administrative duties were carried out in a timely and effective manner. Nicole was promoted to the corporate Services’ Department in 2018 where she began assisting thoroughly the corporate team on incoming daily requests. Today Nicole is well versed in company formations, KYC, takes also particular interest in employment matters and assists the Client Relationship Manager with iGaming applications.

With the recent considerations taken by Management, Nicole has been promoted to Head the Corporate and Administration team whereby whilst she will continue to hold a portfolio of clients, Nicole will also oversee and supervise the quality of work carried out by the team on a day to day basis.

Nicole is fluent in English, Maltese and is proficient in Italian.

Phone:+356 2010 3020

Chief Business Development Officer

Dr. Deborah Vella

Deborah graduated as Doctor of Laws in 2015, admitted to the bar in 2017 and has been working with E&S Group for the past six years within the Corporate and Legal Department. Her main areas of practice are corporate and commercial law. Deborah also takes particular interest in gaming, employment, residency matters and intellectual property issues. In the professional field, she is subscribed as a member of the Malta Chambers of Advocates and the Malta Institute of Taxation where she has read the Professional Certificate of Taxation. In 2017, she took a managerial role within E&S Group heading the corporate team. Her responsibilities were managing and supervising the corporate team, as well as assisting with legal expertise and client relationships together with the Board of Directors. In the first quarter of 2019 Deborah continued to exercise her abilities and corporate expertise by heading also the Corporate Legal Team.

In light of the above, the Directors have promoted Deborah to be the Chief Business Development Manager of E&S Group. Whilst she will continue to be of support towards the corporate and legal team within the firm, her main focus will shift to being the interface with top tier clients and ensuring that such are serviced in the best possible way. Deborah will nonetheless continue to oversee and supervise all that is related to gaming, employment and IP. As the company’s CRM she will also be engaged in a business development role which involves the planning and executing of offline business development and marketing for the Group.

Deborah is fluent in English and Maltese with a proficient understanding of Italian.

Deborah specializes in corporate, commercial, restructuring, gaming, tax, IP and private client matters.

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Corporate Analyst

Jessica Attard

Jessica joined E&S group as a Junior Corporate Administrator. Prior to joining E&S Group Jessica worked with the Times of Malta, a local English language newspaper published by Allied Newspapers Limited. Her role was handling client bookings, advertising allocations and pricing, as well as providing customer support. Jessica holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business Enterprise from Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST) as well as a BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business Enterprise from Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST).

Jessica is fluent in English and Maltese.

Phone:+356 2010 3020

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