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Financial Services

Over the years Malta has become the destination of choice for many companies wishing to set up a financial services business. Malta is a member of the EU, and as such its financial services laws are harmonised to those of the rest of the EU. Moreover, corporate tax rates of 35% along with rebates for non-resident shareholders result in a tax rate which can be quite beneficial. All of this makes Malta a very attractive option, and one which is not too expensive.

Our Experience

In the past years, E&S Group has earned itself a very good reputation among a number of players in the financial services industry. We assist our clients with implementing their start-up plans as well as with obtaining their financial services licences. In addition, we help our clients compile strategic plans and assist them with their day-to-day requirements.

Licensing: We assist our clients with obtaining their financial services licenses. We also help them in their compliance processes to ensure that they adhere to any post-licensing obligations.

Professional services: The costs of professional advisors and other service providers in Malta are significantly lower than in other European financial services hubs. This is particularly attractive to start-up financial services businesses. We can help our clients in sourcing their service providers and avoid unnecessary costs whilst maintaining high standards and efficiency.

Taxation: We guide our clients in ensuring fiscal optimisation while getting full benefits out of Malta’s fiscal system.

Authorities: The Malta Financial Services Authority is the body responsible for licensing and supervising the operations of financial services businesses in Malta. Contrary to most other regulators within the EU, the MFSA is very approachable – meetings can generally be held with a substantial degree of flexibility. Promoters wishing to set up a financial services business can meet – and are actually encouraged to meet – the regulator. We can assist accordingly and act as a point of liaison between the client and the authorities.

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    "According to our experience, E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy your business needs with reference to Maltase law. Their work is well organized and carried out in a precise and timely manner. I look forward to continuing my cooperation with E&S Consultancy."

    Giorgio Crotta & Marco Compagnino - FIDINAM & Partners

    "E&S assisted us with various transactions related to the expansion of our client's global structure. They have provided reliable tax advice; their expertise and efforts have been commendable. We would recommend E&S as an effective service provider."

    Mitchell B. Kops & Jill Kelly - Withers Bergman

    “E&S Consultancy really provides quality advice with commercial understanding. I have never experienced such a combination of know-how, pro-activeness and entrepreneurial thinking from any advisor. We are very impressed by the professionalism, attention to detail and efficiency of their staff. E&S Consultancy is an excellent firm which knows how to look after its customers."

    Florian Karrer - Walters & Karrer Internacional

    "Christian Ellul of E&S Consultancy has assisted us with advising on a number of transactions through Malta with particular tax driven expertise involved. We have found their tax and legal services very professional and efficient, with a client-driven approach and sound value for money investment for clients. We can, therefore, recommend E&S Consultancy as a law firm to be used in Malta."

    Javier Morera - Broseta Abogados

    "I've known E&S Consultancy for many years. They are knowledgeable, friendly and extremely helpful. Their team of experienced professionals has always offered courteous and immediate assistance. They are the best!"

    Florian Karrer - Walters & Karrer Internacional

    "We are happy to have E&S Group as our legal and transaction consultants. Their reliable and prompt advise on Maltese regulations and requirements has been extremely helpful throughout. Through our interactions with Mariella, Deborah and Anton among others, we find their team to be courteous, skilled, and promptly available to assist us as needed."

    Prashanth Swaminathan, CEO of XDAT

    “Having E&S as a reliable and trusted firm in Malta handling all the complexities of our corporate operations has been a real pleasure. I would recommend E&S Consultancy to anyone who is seeking the right partner when setting up in Malta"

    Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly

    "Applying for the MPRP is a complex project but with E&S team, the whole process didn’t seem to be as complex. The team first explained the process and then created a very detailed work activity tracker explaining each activity clearly. The team was very quick to respond to any clarifications and gave us confidence, helping in every step to make the process doable. One of the key areas for E&S’ success in guiding us was the painstaking detailed documentation and steps to be followed. Moreover, the process moved fast, and we got our approval the first time, in one shot. I would strongly recommend E&S for MPRP process as with them, you will get it done successfully and faster than others.  For me, I see the full form of E&S as Efficiency and Success for its clients."

    Rangin Lahiri - CEO & Founder of YVC Europe Ltd

    "E&S provides comprehensive, holistic and dedicated professional services related to company incorporation, Advisory, Risk & Compliance, Tax & Legal, Accounting and others. In the past 6 years, I have used most of these services and the company has very competent employees and professionals who understand the scope of the work and seek to deliver excellence in all the tasks they adhere to.

    E&S can be considered as a one-stop shop services provider especially for start-ups. I will not hesitate to recommend E&S to others who want to use the professional services they offer due to their service oriented, and high level of professionalism."

    Michael Gatt – Global Gaming Group (CFO)

    "I always feel at ease when E&S’s legal team answers our Human Resource questions from the perspective of the company. They are not only very responsive to any questions, but also extremely patient. E&S are aware of the requirements of our organisation and, if they foresees any issues, advises us accordingly. I wholeheartedly recommend E&S Group to my other co-workers with particular reference to Dr Anthea and Dr Jade who are very reliable to handle inquiries."

    Kathleen Dilley - Royce Technology

    "We have had the pleasure of working with E&S since 2009, and their commitment to delivering high-quality results with a meticulous and professional approach has made them an invaluable partner in our long-standing collaboration."

    Anna Davies at ANCROFT Corporate Consultants, London, UK

    We have worked with E&S Group for the last 18 months and we have found the people working there to be experienced and knowledgeable, in particular Dr. Deborah Vella and Nicole Said, Director and Head of Corporate Administration respectively. Both are professional and great to work with.  We hope that we can continue our collaboration for many years to come."

    Mr Stephen Balzan, Director at ACT Advisory Services (2023)

    "We've been honoured to cultivate a robust partnership over several years, focusing mainly on joint efforts with Dr. Deborah and Dr. Jade. The highlight of our collaboration is not just their expansive legal proficiency, but also their steadfast dedication to upholding the highest standards of professionalism. We deeply appreciate our straightforward and clear communication, underpinned by mutual understanding and respect, which consistently prioritizes the requirements and interests of our shared clientele."

    Mr Ali Zarzouri, Business Development Manager at Malte Conseils (2023)

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