Mini Budget to help boost the economy

The PM has announced a mini budget in an effort to help the economy bounce back from the downturn effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The package will cost the government €900 million with the main aim to get businesses back up and running. A number of measures have been announced including the following:

  • Wage supplements – financial support of €800 per month per employee will continue till September for touristic businesses and air transport. For other sectors, the support will be to the tune of €600 per month per employee.
  • Electricity subsidy for businesses – a 50% subsidy up to €1,500, for Q3 2020.
  • Rent subsidy for companies – a grant up to €2,500, to cover rental obligations.
  • Tax deferrals for company have been extended for June. NI and Income Tax will start to be paid from 1 July.
  • Commercial licences: licences paid to the Malta Tourism Authority and the Commerce Department for 2020 are waived.
  • Tax credits transformed to grants30% of certain Malta Enterprise credits to businesses will be transformed into grants.
  • Further grants: Malta Enterprise will manage a fund of €2.5 million for businesses intending to develop their business model to adapt to the new situation.
  • International fairs refunds: 80% refund will be paid to companies incurring expenses in international fairs that were subsequently cancelled.
  • Advertising fund: the fund will help companies advertise their products locally and overseas.
  • Property tax cut – duty on purchases of property will go down from 5% to 1.5%. Sellers will be charged at 5% rather than the usual 8%. These rates are chargeable on property prices up to €400,000. This is applicable on sales of property made by March 2021.
  • Fuel price reduction – excise tax on petrol and diesel will be reduced by 7c per litre. Petrol will cost 1.34 per litre and diesel 1.21c
  • Cash vouchers of up to €100 – these will be given to all residents over the age of 16 to encourage spending. In addition, €80 can be spent in hotels. €20 can be spent at retail outlets that were obliged to shut down during the pandemic (non-essential shops).
  • In work benefits – this benefit will be extended to increase grants given per child for low-income families. An additional €250 will be given to those in the scheme.
  • Fund to help NGO’s – €3 million is being allocated to assist those NGO’s whose income was severely effected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Homes for the elderly –  €2 million is also being allocated to homes of the elderly which were severely effected due to being on lockdown with increased staffing and supervision required during the peak of COVID-19.


"According to our experience, E&S Consultancy team is made up of well-trained and skilled professionals who are always there to satisfy your business needs with reference to Maltase law. Their work is well organized and carried out in a precise and timely manner. I look forward to continuing my cooperation with E&S Consultancy."

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Chief Business Development Officer

Dr. Deborah Vella

Deborah graduated as Doctor of Laws in 2015, admitted to the bar in 2017 and has been working with E&S Group for the past six years within the Corporate and Legal Department. Her main areas of practice are corporate and commercial law. Deborah also takes particular interest in gaming, employment, residency matters and intellectual property issues. In the professional field, she is subscribed as a member of the Malta Chambers of Advocates and the Malta Institute of Taxation where she has read the Professional Certificate of Taxation. In 2017, she took a managerial role within E&S Group heading the corporate team. Her responsibilities were managing and supervising the corporate team, as well as assisting with legal expertise and client relationships together with the Board of Directors. In the first quarter of 2019 Deborah continued to exercise her abilities and corporate expertise by heading also the Corporate Legal Team.

In light of the above, the Directors have promoted Deborah to be the Chief Business Development Manager of E&S Group. Whilst she will continue to be of support towards the corporate and legal team within the firm, her main focus will shift to being the interface with top tier clients and ensuring that such are serviced in the best possible way. Deborah will nonetheless continue to oversee and supervise all that is related to gaming, employment and IP. As the company’s CRM she will also be engaged in a business development role which involves the planning and executing of offline business development and marketing for the Group.

Deborah is fluent in English and Maltese with a proficient understanding of Italian.

Deborah specializes in corporate, commercial, restructuring, gaming, tax, IP and private client matters.

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